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Got Water Revised
PB&J Water LLC
Special Event Room Rate
Days Inn
Three Words take 2
Palms River Resort
Living Well Healthfood Store

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Paul H commands the English language with ease and proficiency. His diction and enunciation is spot on  along with  his delivery. From soft sincere reads to the more complex corporate, Paul ‘s is a voice that anyone wanting sincerity needs for their project.  Heard on radio stations in Arizona and California, clients request him time and again because of his sincerity, timeliness and quality. But Paul is more than a radio voice for ad delivery, we have used him on eLearning projects as well as corporate presentations and have found him to be versatile and professional.  I have been fortunate in finding Paul and will continue to use his services over and over and over and over and over and……

Melissa H

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